Working Partnership Proposals

Exclusively for Brahmins

Today, Brahmins have no jobs or family business. When one starts a new business, he/she requires maximum support from community. To help these people, like you, we offer working partnership, where the Group’s CEO has 35 years of experience in different fields of manufacturing, sales & service industry. The CEO is very successful & achieved all targets in his life in multi-fold & wishes to do the same for others by guiding amateur who’re willing to start their own business & who don’t have business knowledge or no idea on how to run it or who don’t get advice from their families / friends / relatives. Here, this qualified CEO come in to picture, who has thorough knowledge to manage & run a business and has unique ideas to market the product or about the product itself. Because of expertise & innovative ideas, success percentage of business will be 100%. So, you can concentrate on doing the work to achieve success in the business.


  • Directorship in Limited Company
  • Free help on services e.g. loan
  • Free holidays Products at cost-price
  • Two weeks off per year
  • Real Legal business
  • Innovative ideas
  • Novelty products
  • Families Involved indirectly
  • 100% Business Success Tension free working & no-risk by Protective Business Insurance / Group Assured Profits
  • Profits expected Rs.100000+ PM onwards
  • You can use Group’s Office & Staff as if it is Your Own
  • All Directors, Managing Directors, CEO from the Group will help you to Succeed as you help them to succeed
  • Profit Oriented
  • You are Managing Director of your Business under CEO’s guidance
  • Some Business are Ready to Start & few are Running
  • Sharing 65-35% Profits

Business Available

(#For Ladies $Running *Ready to Start w/s-wholesale)

(A) Manufacturing (retail & w/s)

  1. Consumer Durable
  2. FMCG- *Food Item-New concept

(B) Service Industry-

3. $Website
4. *Tours Travel Trek
5. *Non-veg Hotel Chain
6. *Home & Personal Loan
7. *Real Estate Agency
8. #Baby-sitter

(C) Education & Business-

9. $Digital Marketing/SEO

(D) Trading-

10. *Consumer Durable
11. *Innovative/Novelty Products
12. Bike Fairing
13. *Car Resale
14. *Furniture
15. Online Kirana & Grocery
16. * Telebrand Products
17. * #Dress Material
18. *Mobile Accessories-w/s

(E) Finance & Development-

19. $Land.

You Need- You should be dedicated, workaholic person with minimum Rs.2.50 Lacs to invest.


  1. Send queries/doubts by email.
  2. Discussion of first visit (15 minutes) is free. Next Session (each) will be charged Rs.500/hour. The amount such paid, will be adjusted in share amount.
  3. First come first select basis. No explanation for non-selection.
  4. Your Idea of business is also welcome.
  5. Franchise / Freelancers / Financers are welcome on profit sharing.