About Us

The CEO of the Group’s Company is IT professional since last Ten years and expert in Sales & Service Field. He started his career in 1980 as a small businessman in Printing Industry, Office Automation Products after serving in 2/3 small organisations for experience for 3 years. After 10 years, he changed the business to Innovative & Novelty Products selling, when he had about 40 products for sale. At those times, the response he got for these Novelty products (such as Electric Heating Pad which is a commonly known product today) was tremendous. As days passed, he noticed that one Product i.e. household Soda Making machine, has tremendous scope and response from the public. So he decided to start manufacturing the product as well as distributing the product on his own. He sold 15000 Soda Making machines in Pune in the year 1992-93. After the recession period of 1996-97, he started career in marketing in real estate for 5 years. He successfully done the business with more than 200 clients purchased flats, plots, lands, bungalows, offices, shops from him. After successful IT career of 10 years after real estate business, he thought of something big like this present business and started procuring lands in Kokan and still continuing the business. So the CEO has varied and vast experience in manufacturing, Sales and Service Industry.



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