Free Services

This is derived from the advantage of togetherness. i.e. our Group. In our group, we have variety of business. i.e. Real Estate Agency, Loan Procurer, Baby-sitter, Tours & Travels, Website Creation and so on.

As all these kind of businesses are running under our Group, most of them are free or at the cost rate specially for you as a Director of the Group. i.e. For your Website, the design is free, hosting is free. You will be paying for Website Domain name, the cost is to be paid to domain authority website, and has a small charge (say Rs.600/year) to be paid.

In case of travel, suppose you want to visit Kashmir with your spouse. So, your expenses are covered free and your spouse will have to pay the actual expenses incurred by the company and not total tour cost. i.e. say Tour Cost for Kashmir is Rs.25000. Actual expenses made by company is Rs.10000. So, you need to pay Rs.10000 for your spouse. Your cost is covered automatically. You need not to pay anything.

This is possible because, you are Director of the Group, which also owns the travel company. Also the travel company  require some reliable & responsible person to escort every tour, where all the route & other timings are fixed and local escorts are waiting for you to contact on arrival, so that he will be at your service. You’ll get all the details to manage the tour. This is very easy without any headache and is a fun as well as your free holiday.

So you can enjoy the services at lowest of the cost or totally free of charge.

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