Consumer Durable

(A) Manufacturing (retail & w/s)

Consumer Durable – This product has sale right now. The middle class people purchase a lower quality product in compromise for money. The higher quality costs a lot i.e. Rs.5000 onwards in the market as compared to poor or low quality product which is total compromise, but because of the money constraint, the buyer purchase this product for Rs.500 to Rs.1000.

We have innovative idea to manufacture this product in excellent quality with saleable price of Rs.1500-2000, which is affordable for most of the people for such product. The quality of the product will be better than the original quality product and this product will be in many colours rather than few natural colours of the original quality product.

This product can be sold in retail or in wholesale to shopkeepers, who can create much more demand for this product.

We have to manufacture this product. To manufacture, you’ll require to take training of a month and trial for a couple of months to manufacture the product perfectly.

Patent for this product for the innovative manufacturing technique is to be done before marketing the product.

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