Website Design & Hosting

(B) Service Industry-

Website Design & Development and Hosting is a running business. This is very profitable business as 5 out of 10 people renew this product every year at least for next 5 years and 2 out of 10 are permanent customers. So do the work for one year and reap the fruits for many years, just like investment. So income gets doubled in a single year period.

The website is a necessity now a days and a thing of repute for any business. So day by day, number of websites will increase as also the business.

This is also related to other business of Digital Marketing & SEO, where the Group’s CEO is expert in the field and teaching it for last ten years. Business people are not totally aware of this new service right now, but if you know Shri. Narendra Modi’s campaign of 2014 election, you’ll able to get this new concept.

This is future business and we’ll grab it now at the right time.

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